Best Survival FoodsBest Survival Foods The earth's surface receives more than enough direct sunlight to give the energy needs of an entire human human population growth. That is good news indeed; simply question is the reason why are most of us not experiencing and enjoying the benefits of solar muscle? The quick answer is oil and fossil fuels. Up to this point, it recently been cheaper make use of fossil fuels then build solar packages. Also, some people are making too much cash on our dependence to other energy sources, so they just don't want that know about any replacements. Best Survival Foods I actually took the closet in out "office", which is actually definitely an unused bedroom we put our desk and furniture in, and built shelving around the perimeter. It drastically included with the volume food you can easliy store. We all filled that space up, we then cleared out a space in our Daughters armoire. We now have enough food to last around six months or more. Best Survival Foods I think preparedness one is the most than just having foods. It's a way of living. Looking be a major contributor to yourself & your family, & doing the best you can to have the ability to take good care of yourself if you bad happens. I'm not looking for "the end around the globe." If the end found on earth comes, then we're done anyway, so who needs to for that a majority of? A zombie apocalypse? An entertaining TV or movie idea maybe, but not likely to occurs. But there are natural disasters come about all time all over the world. Our economy is already in bad shape. Anyone that thinks automobile or won't get worse is naive at best. Terrorists aren't just overseas anymore. Plain & simple - bad stuff transpires with good people everyday, all over the world.